Three Ideas You Could Consider Integrating In Your Custom Patios

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Patios are a perfect feature for virtually all Australian homes because of the extremely enjoyable weather throughout much of spring, summer and autumn. Not to mention the fact that many Australians have access to a pool and outdoor equipment like barbecues and a ton of different sporting options. If you are thinking about getting a patio installed, you should always choose custom patios rather than a general framework offered by larger companies. Here are a few creative ideas that demonstrate just how varied your options are when you choose to build with custom patios, as opposed to preconceived plans that are mass-produced. 

Multiple Levels

Having different levels to your patio, separated even just by a couple of steps, adds a whole new dimension to your outdoor living space. Now you feel like you have rooms outside as well as indoors, and each level can be used as a separate area. One might have the barbecue and cooking utensils, another might have a foosball table and maybe darts and another might be the general outdoor lounge with chairs, a television and a fridge to keep the drinks cool and close by. These levels don't have to be separated by much, but adding in that slight difference can have a huge impact and make the area feel so large.

Specific Theme

Often when patios are installed there is no overarching design theme you are trying to follow, but that doesn't have to be the case. There are so many lookbooks, outdoor living magazines and inspirational ideas online that can show off just how amazing, for example, a Mediterranean-style patio could be. Or, perhaps you want something a little more interesting and want a gothic or rustic styled patio. A consistent theme across the patio makes a huge difference and can set the tone for a spectacular outdoor living area that people love to visit.

High Tech

If you are someone who loves technology, then why not incorporate that into your patios? From electronic blinds to the latest mist fans and smart devices that you can control from your phone, there are so many ways technology can be integrated into a custom patio. While in the past so many technological advances were susceptible to water and dirt and thus had to be kept inside, modern electronic equipment is stronger, and the varieties that are built to last outside do so with very little worry as to their longevity.