Three Common Questions People Have About Buffalo Turf Answered

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Buffalo turf is one of the most popular turfs across the country, which makes a lot of people who don't have it ask why. There are many aspects of buffalo turf that make it appealing, from its price to its durability along with its inherent beauty that many people simply prefer to others on the market. However, there are three common questions that you probably have about buffalo turf that you want to be answered before you consider making an investment in it. Here are easy-to-understand answers to some of the most frequent questions people have in regards to buffalo turf. 

Does It Stop All Weeds?

No grass species will stop all weeds, but buffalo turf is amongst the best when it comes to weed prevention. That is because the grass grows very close together and has quite deep roots, both of which are key in order to stop the spread of weeds. While some species of grass will have one of these two features, very few have both like buffalo does. If you really do not enjoy weeding, then buffalo should be one of your first choices.

How Fast Does It Grow?

Because of this deep root system and a uniquely broad leaf, buffalo turf does grow fast in summer. It is not unusual to see buffalo turf grow several feet during a particularly wet summer, and each spring/summer month you could see a few inches of growth. However, during winter is when these leaves become very important, as they prevent your grass from dying and instead keep it looking lush and frost-resistant. While it can be annoying having to mow your lawn every week, the benefits of a broadleaf far outweigh the negatives. This quick growth also means that your grass can be jumped around and played on all day by small kids and families without worry about it decaying into dirt. 

Will It Survive In The Shade?

Not only does buffalo turf survive in shade, but it can survive in many other places that would be absolutely inhospitable to most types of grass. For example, buffalo turf has been shown to survive even in salty soils. That is very unusual for a grass, so it should come as no surprise that a bit of shade presents no challenge to buffalo turf. If your garden is totally covered by large trees, then this should be high on the list of your priorities. 

For more information about buffalo turf, reach out to a professional.