Is a Fishing Charter the Perfect Idea for a Buck's Party?

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Of course there are many different ways to have a buck's party. It might be a good old fashioned pub crawl (ideally many days before the wedding so that the hangover has time to clear). It might just be a dinner with mates. If you want to introduce an element of adventure to your buck's party, consider the possibility of a fishing day with your friends. There are a number of different fishing charter companies that will take your party on the high seas for a buck's party that is hard to beat. There are a few things you'll need to consider.

Alcohol Consumption

Different fishing charters have different policies when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. But it is a buck's party, so chances are you will want to indulge a little. If you're looking forward to the prospect of downing a few beers while on the boat, make sure you don't inadvertently choose a company that prohibits alcohol. Beyond that, what else will you need to think about?

Be mindful of any pre-drinking. If any member of your group is intoxicated before they get on the boat, boarding might be denied.

Be cautious of how much alcohol is actually consumed while at sea. A combination of alcohol and the motion of the boat might result in nausea.

If anyone becomes too intoxicated (and rowdy) while at sea, the voyage might come to a premature end if the skipper decides that their behaviour poses a problem.

Catch and Release

You might opt for a simple catch and release policy on the fishing charter, where the fun is in the actual capture of the fish. The trophy is documented (with some boastful photos to prove it) before the fish is released back into the ocean. This option allows you to get off the boat and head to the pub after the fishing charter has come to an end.

Eating Your Catch

If you like the idea of actually eating your trophies, opt for a fishing charter company that can undertake the preparation work while still on the boat. The fish can be cleaned and gutted and is then ready for consumption. The next portion of the buck's party could be at a nearby oceanside BBQ facility (so check for local parks that have community BBQs). Upon disembarking, it's just a short trip to cook and eat your catch. Be sure to have a designated driver if you need to travel by road with your catch after getting off the boat.

A day on the water with your mates can be the perfect way to bid farewell to single life. Just remember to go easy on the alcohol!