Jewellery Designs For Men's Wedding Bands

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Jewellery design for wedding bands is typically associated with women's rings as these are the ones that tend to be intricately detailed and lavishly styled. Nonetheless, this does not mean that as a groom you have to settle for a plain wedding band. In recent years, more men are taking an interest in the design of their wedding bands to ensure that their personality shines through. Moreover, having an attractive ring to match your wife's wedding band would also create some uniformity between the two of you. If you do not know where to start when it comes to choosing a wedding band, here are some of the elements of jewellery design that you could consider.

Opt for a matte finish

Most wedding bands gave a satin finish, which in turn makes most rings look the same. Not to mention that some men may not want the extra attention that a shiny finish would bring to their wedding band. If you would like something that makes a subtle statement but is unique in its own right, you should consider a matte finish. A significant benefit of this type of finish is that any scratches or signs of wear on your wedding ring will not be conspicuous. Therefore, your wedding ring will age gracefully with time. Moreover, some matte finishes, such as those on platinum rings, eventually develop a patina, which enhances the aesthetic of the ring.

Opt for two tones

Another conventional design element of wedding bands is that they are typically available in one tone. Classic bands will tend to be made from one material, most commonly gold or silver. But if you find this boring, then you could choose a unique alternative in the form of a two-tone band. When utilising this design, make sure to pick two contrasting colours so that they can complement each other while standing out. If you feel like pushing the creative boundaries, you could even opt for two different finishes for the distinctive tones on the ring!

Opt for rows of gemstones

Another design element typically associated with women's rings and not men's is rows of gems on the wedding band. However, this does not mean that men should not have some shimmer and shine on their finger too! If you would like your wedding ring to sparkle, why not opt to have the entire band covered in rows of diamonds. If you find the brilliance is excessive, you could break the rows of diamonds with a row of different coloured gemstones such as sapphires.