How to retain the human element in a digitised recruitment process

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Technology helps to streamline any hiring process. Auto-generated emails, keyword-focused databases and online networks enable recruiters to locate and vet potential candidates quickly and efficiently. Nonetheless, the technology tends to sacrifice the human element in recruitment. The HR department can still retain a personal touch in a company's recruitment process without forgoing efficiency. This article offers tips on ways to do so.

Publicise company culture during recruitment

During your interactions with various job applicants, encourage them to visit your business website to see what your company is all about. Fill your career pages with photos and videos that display a sense of professionalism within the company. Likewise, your social media platforms should be regularly updated with pictures and videos of fun office moments. This way, applicants can get a sense of what it feels like to work for your corporation.

Adopt personal language in emails and adverts

Traditional business-language achieves very little in the current age of technology-driven hiring processes and social media. Auto-generated response emails shouldn't sound general and be more candidate-specific. Address interviewees by their first names and express pleasure at their interest in the advertised vacancy. A response such as, 'Hi, we appreciate your interest in wanting to join our company. We will call you as soon as we finish sorting through the applications. Meanwhile, visit our Facebook page to learn more about us', is more engaging to an applicant instead of, 'We have gotten your application. You will hear from us if we wish to take the process further'.

Personalise your social media staffing

In recent years, the recruitment industry is increasingly reaching out to possible candidates through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Although this form of connection may prove favourable to candidates, it could be challenging for candidates wanted by several companies. Rather than conducting mass recruitment over social media or any other recruiting platform, narrow down the list of qualified candidates to a chosen few. Next, get in touch with the select few through a personalised note which tells them they are in high demand. Consequently, candidates will undoubtedly be willing to consider honouring any scheduled recruitment interview.

Job applicants are often searching for a nice job at a nice workplace. Qualified candidates, in particular, will settle for an employer who makes them feel appreciated as human beings even prior to being confirmed for the position. Business companies should make a few adjustments to their online recruitment process so that it is less mechanical and has more of a human touch.