How to Use Aluminum Anodes in Tiny Home Long-Term Living

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Aluminum anodes are a piece of equipment that is generally used in boats to help with corrosion. When you are building your tiny home, you likely will not think of them at all. The truth is there are some areas that they can be used, especially in long-term living situations. Here are a few of those ways and what you need to know about each one.

Steel Water Storage

One of the leading areas that you can use aluminum anodes in a tiny home is in steel water storage areas. These areas are prone to corrosion if there is water kept in them long-term without emptying them or drying them out. By using an anode in these storage areas, you can reduce the level of corrosion and help maintain the purity of the water. Remember, most tiny homes do not have running water throughout the home. Areas like the toilet and the sink may use a water storage system instead. This makes it all the more important to consider anodes to reduce corrosion.

Shower Stalls

Shower stall areas may get increasingly humid during travel and long-term living in the tiny home. These stalls are generally created out of extra sheet metal or some kind of steel. This means that the humidity could cause corrosion in the front and back of the metal. You can find aluminum anodes that can be placed in these areas to help reduce the corrosion. Keep in mind that using the alongside a humidity blocker like a dampness removal pack will help reduce the corrosion even more.

Roofing and Gutters

You may not think about your roofing and gutter systems when you think of corrosion and anodes, but there is a direct correlation. In fact, some tiny home owners do use aluminum anodes within the roofing and guttering system to help reduce the chance of corrosion. In these areas it becomes even more vital because the corrosion can lead to gutter issues, roof damage, and roof leaks. The anodes for this application may be found at local boating stores and are ones that would normally be used in the exterior of the boat or in the housing if there is a sleeping compartment. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use aluminum anodes in your tiny home for long-term living. For other options, consider looking at the areas in your tiny home that have corrosion issues and begin seeing if anodes will work in those spots.