Reasons Community Activity Groups Should Have Portable Traffic Lights

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As a member of a community activity group, you will find yourself planning different activities for your community throughout the year. These activities may be for a specific neighborhood, or they may be for the small community or city as a whole. This means that you need to plan everything including the safety for the people who will be attending the various events. One piece of equipment you may not consider for the various events are portable traffic lights. Here is how your community activity group can use these type of lights for various events:

Kids Safety Training

One of the events that have become increasingly popular with various communities are kid safety training days. These events usually consist of various focus points including identification stands, finger printing for kids, safety training for parents, and even a safety traffic school. If you decide to do the safety traffic school you can help children learn what the different traffic signals mean in a small area. Construct a small roadway area and add the lights. Teach the children to stop, go, slow down and even caution with the portable traffic lights.

Block Party Detours

If you are planning on having a block party for a small community or neighborhood, then you know that traffic could be an issue. You want to make sure that people can safely get to their homes or follow detour routes if they need to get out of the neighborhood for work or an emergency. Portable traffic lights can help with this. You can set them up at the entrances to the neighborhood and throughout the detour area. This can help direct traffic to parking areas, out of the area and into the area easily.

Voting and Community Meetings

There are some cases where a community meeting and voting may bring out an increased number of people to small town halls and meeting houses. This could mean that you have hundreds of people coming in and out of tiny parking areas and driveways to get to the voting booths or to get to the community meeting. Having a portable set of traffic lights can help your event coordinators with parking, directing cars into parking areas, having cars stop to allow other traffic through, and more. This also reduces the need for police officers on the scene and can reduce the number of potential accidents.

Remember, if you plan on using portable traffic lights as a community organization for various events, you will need to check with local law enforcement. This will help reduce any confusion on permits and methods that you will need to use to safely utilize the portable traffic lights.

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